New Look

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Those of you who don’t read this through an aggregator will have noticed that I’ve got a new theme on the site; and those of you who do might want to actually visit the site briefly to check it out. It’s called Red Wave, and it’s designed by Askgraphics (there’s a link at the bottom of every page,) who seem to have done a bang up job of it. They had a couple of other nice looking ones on their site, but one of them was blue (which just so mainstream,) and the other had a couple of weird rendering artifacts, so this was the one I went with.

This was a pretty hard thing for me to do, since I’d always intended to put my own theme together, but it’s about time I admitted to myself that that isn’t going to happen (I’m a good programmer and a passable writer, but my web-site design skills are sorely lacking,) and it’s better to bite the bullet now, face facts and get myself a look that isn’t the same as every other wordpress blog on the net.

So, what do you all think of the new look? Better? Worse? Don’t care?

One Response to “New Look”

  1. Robert McGovern

    Sweet, I like the Red gradients though it reminds me a bit of a Ruby site :)

    Doesn’t really bother me to much as I use the feeds and thats about it. At least it will look good when I come to post a comment.