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If you’re both observant and one of the rare people that actually visits the site, rather than just reading via RSS, you might have noticed that I’ve decided to experiment with Twitter. My username is AggroBoy, and you should be able to see my updates in all the usual twitter ways. Or you can just look at them there on the sidebar.

Why Twitter? Well, it’s a bit more immediate than regular blogging, and should allow me to just throw random thoughts or things that have happened to me on the spur of the moment, rather than having to wait and compose a full blog post about it, which almost never happens. Of course the worry is that more or less exactly nothing ever happens in my life, so my twitter feed runs the risk of being either empty or mind-destroyingly boring. And that’s why it’s an experiment; I’ll give it a couple of months and see if I’m actually using it, and if I’m happy with it. If I am then I’ll keep at it, if not it gets relegated to the recycle bin.

Obviously, I’ll keep updating the main blog with the things I want to express eloquently (well, as eloquently as I can,) or at length; the intent is that twitter contains an entirely different kind of information.

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