Double-plus epic fail

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The problem with throwing around phrases like epic fail for trivial things like incorrectly rating fruit, getting roman numerals wrong right on a watch, or falling out of your exercise-wheel, and with getting irate about someone incorrectly identifying a harvestman as an insect or a spider or both, is that it leaves you very little room to express your even greater incredulity when you see something like this.

I’m going to assume that no-one needs me to point out the obvious flaw with that?

7 Responses to “Double-plus epic fail”

  1. Not the Messiah

    Epic Fail on the “falling out of your exercise-wheel” link, btw ;)

    ..also I’m still trying to frame a follow up post to the cracker debate.

  2. Not the Messiah

    Also, unless they fixed the article, I’m going to have to throw my hands up and admit I failed to spot the taxonomic error.. :(

  3. Not the Messiah

    I read the comments – they changed it from “mammals” to “birds” :)

    The sad thing they probably used the word “mammals” to sound all clever and scientific..

  4. Will

    Bah! How dare they fix their error, thus negating my mocking of them? You wouldn’t see me doing that sort of thing! No-siree!

    For those that missed it, the sub-heading used to say

    Most of the more than 400 mammals found in past two months were babes

    I’ll see if my work PC still has the page up, and post a screen-shot, if it does.

    And they’re probably chicks, rather than babes, but now I’m getting (nit-)picky.