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MacBook Air’s battery is easy to replace

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So it turns out that the MacBook Air’s battery is a single discrete block (albeit a very thin one) that runs across the bottom of much of the case, and it’s relatively easy for an end user to swap out. Some people are calling this good news, but to me it just means that there… Read more »

MacWorld expo ’08 thoughts, part 1: MacBook Air

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Of all the announcements this year, this one is definitely the biggie (although arguably, not the most significant — the AppleTV could easily trump it in long-term industry impact.) Apple’s new ultraportable was the announcement everyone was waiting for, and it’s generated the most media buzz, most of it positive. There’s no denying the machine… Read more »

Great timing, NewsGator

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Just before Christmas, I switched my news aggregator from Bloglines to NewsGator, largely because their iPhone client is better. Being a Mac user, I also grabbed their famous OSX client, NetNewsWire. In all it’s been a very satisfactory switch; NewsGator for iPhone works great for checking my feeds on the train (which was the main driver for my getting the… Read more »