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The UK government: ID is religion

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It’s good to see our government taking a sensible stand on ID. Of course, this is only a start; I doubt this will stop “Truth” in Science, or prevent the DI from trying to gain a foothold on this side of the Atlantic. In fact I can already hear the outraged reports of an undemocratic… Read more »

USA imposes its law on Australian citizen

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This is an interesting one. An Australian man, who’s never set foot in the US, and who’s infringing activities all occurred within Australia has been extradited to face trial for intellectual property theft (that is, software piracy) in the US – and has, actually, already plead guilty. It’s interesting because while the man has clearly… Read more »

There is room for hope, even in the Middle East

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It’s heartening to hear voices of sanity amongst the mess that is the Middle East. I don’t suppose that a single organisation will ultimately make the difference (especially since it represents a group on just one side of an incredibly complex and milti-dimensional problem,) but every voice publicly raised in support of reason and understanding… Read more »