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Sandefur: All Epistemologies Are Not Created Equal

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Timothy Sandefur has written an excellent piece on why secular (and specifically scientific) thought should not be considered “just another religion.” It’s in response to an article written by Stephen W. Trask in the Chapman University Law School Law Review, but you don’t need to have read that for Sandefur’s shredding of it to make… Read more »

Are we alone?

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A little while ago, in the comments on my post about that stupid peanut butter video, I pointed out that we probably wouldn’t be able to detect new life even if it did crop up in our peanut butter. Carl Zimmer has an interesting article at Discover about what those challenges are and how we… Read more »

How religion hurts science.

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PZ has stepped up to the plate, with a numbered list of Christianity’s sins against science. The one that sticks in my throat the most from his list (although they all more or less get to me,) is his number 1, theft: Atheists know this one on a daily basis: Tornado demolishes home, tearful survivor… Read more »