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Still alive

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Yes, I’m still alive, and yes I’m still blogging. It’s been a bit quiet for the past few days because I’ve been sorting out some server issues. Basically, my host ran out of memory on Friday morning, and I’ve been getting it upgraded and trying to sort out some of the memory use and performance… Read more »

Local user registration now active

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One of the new features in Movable Type 4 is native user registration. What that means to you is that you don’t need to go and sign up for a TypeKey ID to be a registered commenter here any more. Of course, if you do have a TypeKey account, you can still use it (and… Read more »

Movable Type 4.0 upgrade

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I’ve just upgraded the site to the new, improved version of Movable Type (the blogging platform I use.) This should make improve the blog in the long run, but in the short term it basically just means that I’m back to using one of the default layouts. This will (maybe) change over time. The only… Read more »