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I feel sick

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Scott Nurberg was killed by jailers in Madison Street Jail in cold blood. I don’t know what else to say.

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Bigotry is alive and well and living in the White House

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The White House has indicated that the president is likely to use his veto to block legislation outlawing employment discrimination based on sexual preference, because — get this — it would infringe the religious freedoms of employers, and thus be unconstitutional. If you’re thinking that argument sounds familiar, it is. It’s the exact same argument… Read more »

Mental Note: Never go to Texas

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I know it might sound like obvious advice, but reading this really hammers the point home. Basically, it looks like they’ll convict (and execute, this is Texas, remember) you for a murder committed by someone you were with. I really wonder how they keep a straight face when they call themselves “the land of the… Read more »

USA imposes its law on Australian citizen

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This is an interesting one. An Australian man, who’s never set foot in the US, and who’s infringing activities all occurred within Australia has been extradited to face trial for intellectual property theft (that is, software piracy) in the US – and has, actually, already plead guilty. It’s interesting because while the man has clearly… Read more »